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Jobs in a new place I might not even actually live.

SO!  Peace Corps told me it doesn’t want me until I was nuts more than five years ago.  Awesome.  I now am busting my butt to find a job in a town my boyfriend (new? since Halloween… he’s super foxy…) lives in, so I can get the heck out of my hometown.  Living with Mom and Dad is great, but I’m no townie.

Anyway, if I can find at least a minimum wage job here, I can put in for bills and things and not feel like such a mooch.  Because I’m not.  I cooked for boyfriend and his roommate the other day.  I bought everything and the casserole dish.  And it was healthy and delicious.  And no fires were started.

I think I *technically* still live in Albemarle, but I’m trying to transition here.  Sort of under-the-radar.  I told boyfriend I was going to attempt to obtain employment in the area and he seemed all right with it… Hope that lasts.  I swear to everything I’m not a mooch.


Waiting and waiting

Well, I fixed my vision and submitted my security clearance.  That was months ago.  I am waiting (somewhat gracefully) for more forms to be sent from the Peace Corps.  I assume it will happen eventually.  I am getting rather antsy, though.

In the meantime, I am writing a pulpy novel.  It’s part of a trilogy, and I hope to get Draft 1 of Book 2 finished in November.  I doubt it will ever be published, but to complete it is on my Bucket List.  (As is spending my birthday living abroad, and the Peace Corps… Maybe my “bucket list” is a “before I’m 30” list.)

I’m seeing Neil Gaiman in Knoxville on July 10, after I turn 29 (the first time).  Now I’m just playing the wait-and-see game with the Peace Corps.  I hope it does not last forever.

Considering reopening my movieusherahoy blog for movie reviews. Will link if I do.

When I get my invitation from the Peace Corps, this will so be me.

Waiting games…

I gathered that waiting is what would suck the most in waiting for a placement. Nominated March 8. Now waiting. Sigh.

My plans today include getting the Albemarle Police Department to agree to fingerprint me tomorrow.  I’ve called, not been connected.  I will call again in a few minutes.

After this, I’ll go to the grocery store and library and such.

I had a date this weekend.  I discovered that Star Trek is the most relate-able fandom.  Is this universally true? I don’t date too much, really, and it would be handy to know for future endeavors.

New beginnings

Hi.  I first got this thing so I’d have a place to put pictures of lunch bags I drew.  I don’t do that anymore, so I figure I could use it as a journal-type thing.

Lots of excitement happening with me!  On March 9, I was officially nominated for the Peace Corps!  (Yay!) On this Thursday (March 28), I have my appointment for LASIK, ending something like twenty years of glasses-needing.  Very excited about that.

My security check stuff came to the house yesterday.  So next week, when I’m back in Albemarle, I get to go to the police station and get fingerprinted!  How fun will that be?

For the time being, I’m chilling in Hendersonville.  I’ll return to Albemarle on Sunday morning, more than likely.  It’s fun.  I’m staying with my ex-boyfriend and his daughter, and the daughter an I are having lots of good girl-time.

Anyway, I’m super-stoked about my LASIK and seeing the new Doctor Who episode with my eyes only!


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